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Hello! I'm Renée. That's me above, curious and open to this vast, mysterious, and multi-dimensional world.

I have been called many things in my life. The truth is, that I am all these things, and so much more. And I know that you too, and all the people I work with, embody these extraordinary complexities. One of my greatest is gifts is to help people embrace and express their multifariousness and unique abilities, perhaps something they've had difficulty articulating themselves, and bring them to life in visual and written form. Read more about what I'm currently offering clients here.

Services I Offer


We will workshop your business in depth and develop a creative brief together. I will channel an image for your logo and develop branding guidelines, including a logo family, typography guide, color palette, social media templates, and a photo library.


I can take your website from design to launch, from selecting a web platform, developing each page, deciding what modules you'll need (a blog, shop, scheduler, etc.), and selecting the ideal graphics, images, and text content for each section.


I can create logos and branding packages, websites, books, reports, brochures, flyers, posters, apparel, product labels, billboads, stickers, tote bags, social media graphics, animated GIFs, and much more. You name it, I've done it. (I've been doing this for 20 years!)


I offer writing, editing, and proofreading services. I write and edit e-books, printed books, Substacks, e-newsletters, websites, and print collateral. My gift is to help you put words to and express something that may otherwise be difficult to articulate.

Client Work Portfolio

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Melissa Losito Breathwork


Booth Canyon Orchard Valentines' Day Prints

Graphic Design

7 Cinema


Salty Broad Studios


Bike Like A New Yorker

Graphic Design

2023 CEO Summit Journal

Graphic Design

Biomimicry Institute


The 3 Cs of Belonging Substack

Copyediting and Logo Design

Soma Rose Wellness


#NODAPL Poster for Spiritweavers Gathering

Graphic Design

Radical Cacao and Coffee Label Design

Graphic Design

Roosevelt Institute's Fundraiser Invitation

Graphic Design

New American Leaders


The Architecture of Sound and the Alchemy of Transcendence

Book Cover Design and Manuscript Editing

Transportation Alternatives' 40th Anniversary Annual Report

Graphic Design

My Projects


Listen to the Plants

A project that collects and recounts personal stories of communicating and healing with plants.


Hearth Space Substack

Writings on reconnection to nature, art, healing, magic, and building community.


Artemisia Elixir Bar

A pop-up herbal elixir bar that served playful, medicinal elixirs at pop-up events across the Pacific Northwest.

What Clients Are Saying

img Amber Magnolia Hill,
Medicine Stories Podcast

"Renée is a joy to work with. She can envision and execute exactly what’s needed, and I trust her artistic vision fully. She makes my podcast marketing materials look beautiful! Communication is great and our projects are always done on time."

img Hilary Lake,
Hilary Lake Healing Arts

"Working with Renée was a delight. She was available at each step of the process for clarification and support as I brought what was inside out in the creative journey we took together. She was not only professional and intuitive, she was also a great listener and welcoming when more revisions were needed to really meet the mark of true alignment."

img Dr. Li Kentgen, Author

"Renée enables me to bring my creative process to social media and a broader online audience, helping to clarify my thinking about how to engage meaningfully and transforming my ideas on to the page in ways I could not do myself. Whether Renée is creating a logo, explaining how people find a website, or editing my writing work, the process is enjoyable and effective."

img Marcus Mrowka,
Roosevelt Institute

"I worked closely with Renée while I was Vice President of Communications for the Roosevelt Institute. Renée breathed new life into our branding and imagery, was always proactive, and met deadlines. Equally important, she was a joy to work with and she was a strong thought partner in how we tell our stories and showcase our research in compelling visual ways that grab people."

img Christine Hochkeppel,
Salty Broad Studios

"Renée’s work has had a huge impact on my business. I receive compliments constantly about my logo design. It captures attention and generates interest in my brand. I recommend her to anyone looking to get noticed with thoughtful design."

img Sophie Infranco,
Transportation Alternatives

"Throughout our subsequent five years together, Renée continued to exhibit that same grace under pressure and emotional intelligence, in addition to just being a great designer. She led the organization's adoption of mobile-responsive design for both web and email. She constantly developed new design ideas and talent in order to make our web/print materials look and function as professionally as the mission demanded."

img Gretchen M. Hooker,
Biomimicry Institute

"Renee is nimble and multitalented, which were invaluable traits for our small team. She not only developed compelling graphics and design solutions, but skillfully project-managed their implementation and demonstrated fluency with complicated back-end systems for web and email communications. Renee is also simply a joy to work with. Her warmth and generosity of spirit consistently shone through."

img Sara DeRose, Brooklyn Arts Council

"Renee brings an exceptional level of professionalism and creativity to her work. In developing The Solid State logo for me, she worked within my budget to deliver a look that fit my marketing plan AND before my deadline. Her guidance and efficiency made what could have been a very overwhelming process for me be an enjoyable one."

img Jarrod Byrne Mayer, Author of "The Architecture of Sound and the Alchemy of Transcendence"

"Renée was joy to work with. Knowledgeable, responsive, creative…she really elevated my writing with her proof and design. Looking forward to working with her on my other projects!"

Let's Make Magic!

Why Work With Me?

  • I strive to create bold, unique work that my clients love, all while remaining a compassionate, patient, and inspiring partner in the process. My work spans almost 20 years of experience as a designer and writer on staff and as consultant and freelancer. I have worked with major companies and clients spanning almost every industry, including health and wellness, food service, law, politics, film, music, and art. View my full resume here.