I am currently offering the following services:


Writing and Editing

I offer writing and editing services, including revising and proofreading, for books or other written pieces. I specialize in memoir writing and in the subjects of healing, spirituality, and personal development. My gift is to help you put words to and express something that may otherwise be difficult to articulate. I also write articles and work on my own book projects.


Graphic Design


We do a deep dive session to discuss your business, offering, or services and develop what kind of visual would best communicate what you're offering. I can create logos and branding packages, websites, design and layout books, reports, brochures, flyers, apparel, and much more. Please book a 30 minute call for us to discuss your project.


Custom Herbal Remedy



I will work with you through a specific issue and consider all layers and levels of your reality, including physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual states, to connect you with plant allies that want to work with you. The final remedy may be a tea, tincture, or powder, including a mix of herbs or flower essences, sent or delivered to you, or just prescribed if you have your own herb source.


Free Consultation



Let's connect on a free 20 minute call where I can get to know you and your needs and we can discuss how we can best work together, and if any of my offerings may serve you. Anything that is shared is strictly confidential, in this call and in any session I offer.


Email me for further information or any questions!